During the summer of 2012, I was driving along K.P. Road in Anantnag when a young Kashmiri boy’s t-shirt caught my eye. “I love NY,” shouted his shirt to the world. This bothered me. Having lived in the US, I had never once seen someone show off an “I love Kashmir” t-shirt.  I wondered why people were so keen to celebrate western cultures instead of their own rich heritage.  Being a proud Kashmiri, I also wondered why there were no products that celebrated our Kashmiri identity in a contemporary way. I decided to change this and that was when the idea behind Koshur Lifestyle was born.

Koshur Lifestyle is a brand that enables Kashmiris to express their love for their culture and tradition. We offer contemporary products with a Kashmiri twist in 3 categories:

Tratth – For those with a typically Koshur sense of humor

Tengul – For the patriots among us

Tsratth – For the ones hungry for change 

Every element of our brand - from the logo, the designs and the website - celebrates our love for Kashmir.

Take a few moments to check out our product pages - we are sure there's something that will make you say "What The Tratth!" :)

Hath hath pheer shukriya,

- Sama Bég 

Our Mission

To preserve and promote Kashmiri culture while supporting local artists & graphic designers. 

Our Values

Quality: Just like your favorite kandur's tchuchwur (baker's bread), our goal is to make a product you will remember and want to buy more of. Quality is something we don't compromise on, paezi paeth (promise).

Integrity: What you see is what you get. We don't believe in tarr baaz-ing (lying). 

Customer Service: You are our zuv and our krehn maaz (our heart and soul). We want to see you happy. (But hey, we're a start-up, so please be a bit forgiving...wyaen kyah, panun chuk na)   

Giving Back: We believe in contributing to the betterment of Kashmir. And we do this by donating a portion of our profit to CHINAR Kashmir, a non-profit that is focused on improving the lives of marginalized children, women and families.  We also organize fun events for the children living at the CHINAR Kashmir orphanage to expose them to music and the arts. Visit our Instagram page to find out more!

Our Logo

Native to Kashmir, the snow leopard is an endangered species seen in the high altitude areas of J&K.  The elegant confidence of the snow leopard encompasses the philosophy of our brand.

Our Team

We are a few kalle kharab lukh who are in love with Kashmir.  And we want Kashmiris everywhere to be able to show their love for home in quirky and totally Koshur ways. 

Sama Bég- Kuss balai / Founder

Talia Bég- Shush wandai / Shipping Lead 

Nair Aalam - Hatri hatri pheran / Logistics Lead 

Kamran Yaseen - Creative Kaek / Creatives Lead

Rouf Wani - dimaag-voul / IT Lead

We at Koshur Lifestyle are passionate about good design. If you are an artist with graphic design skills, email us at support@koshurwear.com for an opportunity to join our team.